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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beckie + Nate - Married! | Brainerd, MN | Wedding Photography

I knew I would love Beckie and Nate from the first moment I met them.

Well, I actually knew it from the moment I met Beckie, when we chatted in Cherryberry last summer. 

I photographed their gorgeous engagement session last September, and we've all been anxiously waiting for their wedding ever since.

Normally, when you plan a May wedding in Minnesota, you believe it is going to be full of bits of green, maybe a few flowers, and all the pretty hints of spring. You don't expect it to snow the morning of your wedding, and for the lakes to still have ice on them.

Beckie and Nate's May wedding fell on the last weekend before the majority of the local lakes opened up. It was an extremely windy day, but the sun was shining so we were happy about that. Plus, it's such a rare occurrence to have a late spring like this, so it must be good luck for their marriage, right? Kind of like rain on your wedding day.

Beckie and Nate were all smiles the whole day, and it was truly a celebration of them and their love. They consider themselves untraditional and they wove that uniqueness into their wedding day.

Personal touches like converse sneakers, the most unique wedding program I have ever seen, a s'mores bar in lieu of a cake, and jenga pieces for guests to leave Words of Wisdom on, their wedding day was truly a reflection of the two of them and their fun, one of a kind love.

Beckie and Nate: words can't express how lucky I feel to have been given the opportunity to know you both as your photographer and as your friend. It was a true honor to be there as you became husband and wife, and I know that you will have an incredible marriage and life together.

Enjoy! xo
HamiltonWedding_0003 HamiltonWedding_0028 HamiltonWedding_0033 HamiltonWedding_0037 HamiltonWedding_0041 HamiltonWedding_0043 HamiltonWedding_0049 HamiltonWedding_0055 HamiltonWedding_0086 HamiltonWedding_0096 HamiltonWedding_0101 HamiltonWedding_0108 HamiltonWedding_0111 HamiltonWedding_0112 HamiltonWedding_0174 HamiltonWedding_0206 HamiltonWedding_0211 HamiltonWedding_0226 HamiltonWedding_0230 HamiltonWedding_0228 HamiltonWedding_0239 HamiltonWedding_0253 HamiltonWedding_0175 HamiltonWedding_0304 Nate planned a honeymoon for the two of them, and surprised Beckie with where they were going during dinner. They are going to Disney World! HamiltonWedding_0314 HamiltonWedding_0323 HamiltonWedding_0325 HamiltonWedding_0332 HamiltonWedding_0339 HamiltonWedding_0352 HamiltonWedding_0360 HamiltonWedding_0364 HamiltonWedding_0366 HamiltonWedding_0370 HamiltonWedding_0398 HamiltonWedding_0377 HamiltonWedding_0391 HamiltonWedding_0422 HamiltonWedding_0424 HamiltonWedding_0427

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