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Monday, October 29, 2012

Beckie + Nate | Grand View Lodge, Minnesota | Engagement Photography

Beckie and Nate are one of my wedding couples for 2013.

They are an adorable and fun-loving couple that just plain love each other. They love to be around each other and both feel like they are so lucky to have found their perfect match in life.

They are one of those couples that make you happy to be around, because you can feel their joy.

Naturally, they were amazing to photograph.

As you can tell in the photos, Nate is a whole lot taller than Beckie. They joke that every photo they take of themselves [you know, arm stretched out, taking a self-portrait], Nate's head is bent way down, on top of Beckie's so they are on the same level. I found the height difference adorable. It's totally them.

Beckie and Nate met while working at Grand View Lodge, so it was fitting that we take their engagement photos there. Their spring wedding is going to take place in Deerwood, so they wanted to incorporate the story of how they met into their photography too. It was the perfect fall day, with gorgeous peak fall color. I couldn't have imagined anything better for them.

Beckie + Nate - Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I loved spending the evening with you while we created these engagement photos, and I can't WAIT for your wedding!! xoxo, Laura
BeckieNate_0004 BeckieNate_0011 BeckieNate_0021 BeckieNate_0032 BeckieNate_0038 BeckieNate_0047 BeckieNate_0054 BeckieNate_0064 BeckieNate_0071 BeckieNate_0079 BeckieNate_0086 BeckieNate_0088 BeckieNate_0090


  1. These two are adorable!

  2. Thanks, Jess! They really are. Totally into each other and just so fun to be around. I know their wedding will be more of the same!


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