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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Editing Exposed: Black & White and Sepia

So far, in the Editing Exposed series on photo editing, we've covered:

White Balance

Today, I want to touch on using black & white conversions, and/or sepia conversions to add drama to and enhance emotion in your images.

Below is a color image from a recent wedding that I photographed. The bride's hair was finished and she was given a mirror to see it for the first time. The anticipation and joy she felt was palpable in the room.
I love the color image. The colors are soft and pretty and the light is beautiful. Fitting for the morning of a winter wedding.

However, sometimes, simply turing the image from color to black and white can give it a whole added layer of emotion.
Turning an image to black and white [or sepia] takes away the color. What's left are gradients of gray [or brown] which can enhance the subject and often the emotion of the image.

Sepia is when a B&W photo has a brown tint to it. It's often associated with a vintage look. Some people hate it and others love it. It's entirely a personal choice.
I am someone who loves bright and vibrant images. I think it brings the images to life and captures the joy of the people in the image.

However, the beauty and emotion that a good B&W image can convey is a true treasure, and I love to use black and white conversions to enhance many of my images.

How about you? Are you a B&W lover? How about Sepia?

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