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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Medeck Family | Brainerd, MN | Baby, Child and Family Photography

This family is amazing.

Not only are they incredibly beautiful, but they are genuinely nice people, and they are so easy going and up for anything.

The day that we planned this session for got off to a rough start. Moods weren't top notch, emotions were running a little ragged, and it was just a tough day. For some, this would have been reason enough to postpone the session. Or at the very least, rush through it, get a little frazzled and hope for the best.

But the Medeck family? They took it all in stride and just rolled with it. And the results of the session are gorgeous.

Thank you guys for trusting in me, and for being so easy to work with, in the midst of a bumpy day. Truly, I love working with you and I love the photos we created! xoxo!
Medeck2012_0001 Medeck2012_0006 Medeck2012_0008 Medeck2012_0014 Medeck2012_0019_bw Medeck2012_0026 Medeck2012_0029 Medeck2012_0032 Medeck2012_0034 Medeck2012_0036 Medeck2012_0040 Medeck2012_0042

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