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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Give the Gift of Photography this Christmas

I'm only about 15% done with my Christmas shopping.

That's why I had a little panic attack this morning when I realized it was December 6th and that Christmas is in 19 days.

Nineteen days!!!!

If someone in your family has been thinking about, debating, and talking themselves out of hiring a professional photographer to take their family photos, you can make it very easy on them.

I offer gift certificates for photo sessions, and they can be for any amount you'd like. They can cover a portion of the cost or the cost of the entire session, if you like. It's up to you.

Maybe you already had family photos taken, but someone in your life likes photography and has a camera that they haven't mastered yet.

Also available are gift certificates for a seat in a future Love Your Camera class, or 1 on 1 private mentoring sessions. Both of these will help a beginner learn to use and love their camera more than they already do! 

The Love Your Camera workshop seats are currently $100 for a 1 day - 5 hour group class.

The 1 on 1 mentoring sessions are currently $200 for a 2-3 hour private class.

If you have any questions or if you'd like to buy a gift certificate for someone in your life this Christmas, email me at lauraradniecki@gmail.com.

Merry Christmas and happy shooting!

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