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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zack | Crosby, MN | Senior Photography

I headed out to Zack's house in Crosby for his senior session. His house is on property that has been in his dad's family for generations, and there are all kinds of historical buildings on the property. An awesome old barn, a tree house that Zack and his brother built as kids, and the old homestead that his great-grandfather [or great-great grandfather?] built in the late 1890's. What better place to have your senior photos taken than on the property that has been in your family for over a century?! So, so cool.

Zack was laid back and relaxed about his photos. I had a blast and I think he enjoyed himself too. Right, Zack? :) Enjoy!
ZackOlander_0007 ZackOlander_0009 ZackOlander_0024 ZackOlander_0041

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