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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Allysa + David - Married! | White Bear Lake, MN | Wedding Photography

David and Allysa were married on a Friday in mid-July in White Bear Lake. I photographed David's sister Becca's wedding last summer, and was thrilled when David and Allysa contacted me shortly after their engagement, saying they wanted me to be their wedding photographer too!

While most of my couples choose to do a First Look, David and Allysa knew right away that instead, they wanted the walk down the aisle to be the first time they saw each other on their wedding day. Thanks to two awesome personal attendants and an attentive wedding party, we were able to get some photos before the ceremony, and still maintain the surprise. We even created a sneaky photo of David and Allysa holding hands before the ceremony, without them seeing each other.

Then, it was ceremony time and finally, they were able to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. I could feel their smiles and happiness from across the church, as could everyone else in attendance. As their family and friends looked on, Allysa and David promised each other forever in a church with some of the most beautiful stained glass I've ever seen.

As soon as the ceremony wrapped up and we planned to head outside for some formals, the forecasted rain and storms decided to make an appearance. The color of the sky went from white to black in a matter of minutes and the skies opened up. Thankfully, the church was beautiful and served us well, giving us a cool and dry place for some photos. Then, a trolley came to transport the wedding party to the reception site. Their reception began with heartfelt and tear-jerking speeches, and hilarious love songs. After dinner, the dance began and the floor remained packed for the rest of the night. Everyone wanted to celebrate with the new Mr. and Mrs. Nadeau!

Allysa and David - I am so happy that you two decided to have me as your wedding photographer. Despite a little weather challenge [I adore the rainy umbrella shots though!] your wedding day was absolutely perfect. The love you two have for each other - no one can possibly miss it when they're around you two. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter. xoxo, Laura
NadeauWedding_0003 NadeauWedding_0010 NadeauWedding_0018 NadeauWedding_0026 NadeauWedding_0029 Two things to mention here. First, Allysa gave her bridesmaids a color scheme [using paint chips, genius!!] and let them choose their own dress style and specific color. I LOVED the variety and had to photograph every one. Second, Allysa MADE all the bouquets. She hand-created each individual fabric flower and then put them together to make each bouquet. Anyone who knows me knows I love fabric flowers, so I was giddy over these! SO COOL! NadeauWedding_0052 NadeauWedding_0053 NadeauWedding_0058 NadeauWedding_0062 NadeauWedding_0080 NadeauWedding_0087 NadeauWedding_0097 NadeauWedding_0123 NadeauWedding_0129 NadeauWedding_0141 NadeauWedding_0153 NadeauWedding_0164 NadeauWedding_0198 NadeauWedding_0214 NadeauWedding_0218 NadeauWedding_0241 NadeauWedding_0252 NadeauWedding_0253 NadeauWedding_0264 NadeauWedding_0266 NadeauWedding_0303 NadeauWedding_0314 NadeauWedding_0336 NadeauWedding_0338 NadeauWedding_0356 NadeauWedding_0357 NadeauWedding_0369 NadeauWedding_0379 NadeauWedding_0391 NadeauWedding_0397 NadeauWedding_0423

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