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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sugg Family | Kavanaugh's Resort | Brainerd, MN Family Photography

The Sugg family came from all over to spend the weekend at Kavanaugh's Resort in Brainerd, MN. As a surprise gift for their parents' 50th wedding anniversary, they decided to have me come out for a vacation photo session.

I love that they were able to keep it a secret until I showed up! And the anniversary couple looked stunning; I'd say just as stunning as they probably looked 50 years ago on their wedding day!

Summer sunshine, laid-back people, and a fun and vibrant wardrobe - I loved everything about it! A big thanks to Julia for organizing this session, and I hope you all love your images!
Sugg_0015 Sugg_0006 Sugg_0009 Sugg_0013 Sugg_0028 Sugg_0030 Sugg_0039

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