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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heinz Family | Grandview Lodge, Nisswa, MN | Family, Children Photography

Last week, the Heinz family came up to Grandview Lodge for a weekend of sunshine, fun, and making family memories. They contacted me to come out and take some vacation photos.

Everything about them was a perfect fit with me and what my photography is all about. They didn't want to stand around and say cheese; they wanted to be real and have photos that capture them as a family. Plus, they put together a beautiful color palette with their outfit choices that completely complimented the lush setting of Grandview, and the summery feel of the beach.

I couldn't have made this session any more perfect if I had tried! Thank you, Heinz family, for the fun morning! These photos simply scream Summertime to me.
Heinz_0005 Heinz_0008 Heinz_0015 Heinz_0022 Heinz_0039 Heinz_0054 LKR_9070 Heinz_0058 LKR_9164 Heinz_0061

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