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Friday, February 24, 2012

The WHERE - Laura Radniecki Images - Brainerd, MN Photography

This is the fourth post in the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW of Laura Radniecki Images series.

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Today, we are on the WHERE aspect of Laura Radniecki Images.


Where do my photo sessions take place?

I am an on-location photographer. What this means is that I do not shoot out of a studio. Instead, I shoot on-location; I come to my clients.

When the weather allows us to photograph outside, almost every one of my sessions take place somewhere outdoors. Sometimes, it's at a public beach, park, trail, etc. Other times, a client might choose to have their session take place at their home; on their property.

The choice is in the hands of each client.

The ideal location for a session is at a spot that holds some type of meaning for the people in the photos. Maybe it's at a park that a family frequently visits for picnics and playground time. Or a beach that is the favorite sandcastle spot of the kids. That's why a family's home can be the perfect spot for their session, depending on the location and the setting, because that is their space.  It is where their daily memories are made and where they feel most at ease.

If the weather is not ideal for outdoor photos, then an indoor location is chosen. Most often, this will be the client's home. Again, this is where a family's memories are made and where they feel most comfortable. So it adds an intimate and familiar aspect to the photos.

Other options for on-location indoor photography are at public buildings around town, coffee shops, ice cream shops, etc.

Some people want the predictability and simplicity of an indoor studio setting. Especially in Minnesota in the winter, an indoor studio offers stability and predictability that suits some people well. If that is what you want in your session, I encourage you to find a photographer that shoots in a studio and specializes in that type of photography.

Instead of using a studio setting for winter maternity, newborn, children or family sessions, I prefer to photograph in a client's home because that better aligns with the authentic and genuine lifestyle-nature of my photography. I am better able to achieve photos that appear natural and real this way.

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