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Monday, October 10, 2011

Jack Turns 9 - Pequot Lakes, MN Child and Family Photography

I believe in the power of a photo. I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of scheduling annual family photos and making sure that you get in the photos.

Family sessions, newborn sessions, In Love sessions - they are all important and completely worthy of photographs. I also believe that things like football games, first communions, and birthday parties are worthy of being photographed. These events that happen, they are milestones. The photos may not be posed or scripted, but they are important memories just the same and can very much benefit from having a photographer there to capture them.

When Janet contacted me about the possibility of photographing her son Jack's 9th birthday party, I was immediately hooked. Things like birthdays may seem common and unoriginal; they happen every year right, and how different can one year's party be from the previous ones? But having both sets of grandparents join in on the celebration is in itself an important milestone. I have been watching my own home videos lately, and seeing my grandparents who have now passed away - I cherish those videos so incredibly much.

So last weekend, I joined Jack and his family for his 9th birthday party. Both sets of his grandparents were there, as well as his parents and his sister. And their 2 sweet dogs. They ate, laughed, talked, played football and basketball, rode down the hill on scooters and bikes, and jumped into leaves. They goofed around and joked with their family. They made funny faces. And I tried to be as invisible as possible and photograph the day as it unfolded. The smiles, the giggles and the dimples. Oh, the dimples!! I hope that one day, these photos will become a very cherished piece of history to Jack and Brook, like my own photos and videos are to me.

To the whole Hennies+ crew - thank you for opening your home to me and inviting me to photograph you all. I feel blessed to have been able to spend the day with you. And thanks for the lasagna and cake! :) Enjoy! xx, Laura

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  1. hehe you capture some perfect candid photos!

    Happy Birthday Jack!

  2. You captured some awesome moments! What a really special idea!

  3. Thank you, ladies! I agree Malorie - I love the idea of photographing something that seems common and mundane. It's the little things that make life so great!


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