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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Braylon 1 Year Photos - Brainerd, MN Child and Family Photography

Braylon and his parents are special LRI clients. I first met Jenni and Casey a few months before Braylon was born, for their maternity photos. Then, after Braylon's arrival, I photographed him at 10 days of age. Following that newborn session, I photographed him at 4 months, 8 months and then again this week at 1 year. Getting to work that closely with a family and watch a little boy grow and change over a year's time, that is such a blessing to me.

A funny story to accompany Braylon's 1 year photos: Jenni and Casey met at college; Casey was a football player and Jenni was a cheerleader. Casey was planning to propose to Jenni at one of their football games, and had talked to Jenni's parents about it prior to the game. Jenni's parents knew he was going to ask her, so they went and bought a baby MSUM Dragons jersey as an engagement present for them. Of course, Jenni said yes when Casey asked and she went to share the good news with her parents. They presented her with the baby jersey with the instructions to "Fill it up!" Fast forward several years, here they are. Married with their 1 year old son filling that jersey up.

Thank you, Jenni, Casey and Braylon, for continuing to have me back to document your life together. Enjoy! xx, Laura

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  1. MSUM represent!!! I LOVE THESE! :D I am proud to say I am a dragon alumni!!


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