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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Turn

Today, Matt and I are having our photos taken.

We're not using the self-timer on my camera, we're not digging out my tripod, and we aren't having my parents snap our photo.

We are having professional photos taken of the two of us. It's our turn to be on the other end of the camera.

Today, I made a trip to Target to try to find something to wear. The anxiety that my clients feel when choosing an outfit for their photos - I felt it today. The worry about hair and makeup, and those pimples that haven't faded yet - that's me this time.

I am so excited to experience a photo shoot as the subject. I can't wait to have new photos of Matt and I. I'll be sure to update after the session.

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  1. Ohhh! How exciting to be on the other end of the camera! I hope you will share photos with us. :D


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