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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lauralyn Turns 1 - Brainerd, MN Baby, Child and Family Photography

Kids are the boss.

I learned that quickly in my photography career. Newborn sessions are solely guided by the baby's hunger level. No matter how funny I try to be and how hard a parent tries to bribe their child with the promise of a treat for good behavior, sometimes it just doesn't work, and the child will carry on with what they want to do. 

When we met for Lauralyn's 1 year photos the first time, it was a sunny September day. But the temperature was barely 50 degrees and the wind was whipping. Combine that with a tired little girl that just wanted to snuggle with her mama, and you don't have a very good mix for an outdoor photo session. So, we postponed, watched the weather, and met again the next week.

Lauralyn did not find me funny, and I had to work hard to coax her furrowed brow, but with warmer weather, the session was a success. She still wanted plenty of mama and daddy snuggle time and I was happy to photograph that. We also did a Cake Smash to celebrate Lauralyn's 1st birthday. HILARIOUS. It's a miracle I was able to hold still enough to take any photos - I find cake smashes so funny. 

Thank you to Joy, Miles and Lauralyn for being flexible and rolling with the punches. I hope you enjoy the images! xx, Laura

Lauralyn1Yr_0009 Lauralyn1Yr_0015 Lauralyn1Yr_0017 Lauralyn1Yr_0020 Lauralyn1Yr_0024 Blog1 Lauralyn1Yr_0030 Lauralyn1Yr_0031 Lauralyn1Yr_0038 Lauralyn1Yr_0040 Lauralyn1Yr_0044 Lauralyn1Yr_0045 Lauralyn1Yr_0047 Lauralyn1Yr_0050 Lauralyn1Yr_0054 Lauralyn1Yr_0055 Blog2 Blog3 Lauralyn1Yr_0059Blog4

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  1. She sure is a cutie!

    Really I had to crack up at the icing on the bottom of her feet! LOL tooo funny!

    Smash cake sessions are super fun!


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