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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Stolski Family - Brainerd, MN Family Photography

The Stolski family is a sports and outdoors loving family with sparkling eyes, tan skin, and beautiful smiles. A photographer's dream. They asked me to come out and photograph them at their family cabin, and I jumped at the chance. On the way there, I found a trail in the woods that I plan to check out when fall comes and the leaves change. That's what so great about shooting in new locations, I never know what I'm going to come across.

 The night before the session, we had major storms go through the lakes area. When I arrived at the cabin, Jon told me that the powerline guys were on their way out because a tree had fallen in the neighbor's yard and took a powerline down with it. Seriously, the entire tree [a big tree] was uprooted and knocked over. It fell precisely in between the neighbor's cabin and their garage too - perfect placement. We had to be careful with the Stolski's dog during the session; they didn't want her running over and getting zapped. The Stolski's cabin is beautiful; made of log and located on a lake. It was the perfect setting for an afternoon session.

Stolski_0002 Stolski_0008 Blog1 Blog2
In Kim and my correspondence before the session, she asked me if I would be able to get a few photos of Jon and her together because "We still kinda like each other." OF COURSE. I thought it was so sweet that she made a point to ask me, and that they do in fact still love each other. It's completely visible, even in these photos. People like this continue to be an inspiration to me, in my early years of marriage, because in a era where half the people split up, it's so encouraging to see people like this, in love after more than a decade and three kids later.
Jon is a local fishing guide and so his sons are following in his footsteps with their love of fishing. 
To the Stolski family, a huge thank you for asking me to come photograph you guys at your cabin. I had so much fun exploring and photographing your family. You make my job easy! Enjoy the photos. xx, Laura


  1. Looks like your best catch of the day! Love the Stolski family, so beautiful and full of life.

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