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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Basballe Family - Deerwood, MN Child and Family Photography

The Basballe family came up to the Brainerd Lakes Area and stayed in a cabin out toward Deerwood for a week. They all live spread out across MN with one family living on the east coast, and so this was a special time with everyone able to get together. They asked me to come out to photograph their family vacation, and I happily agreed.

Of course, the weather was solid rain the day of their session. I ignited my weather prayer warriors and hoped for the best. We had some drizzle and needed to take a few breaks during the session to run inside and wait for a squall to pass, but all in all, it was a beautiful session and the sun even peaked out for a minute or two.

The kids in this family are so incredibly cute. Each one looks a little different and all 5 are relatively close in age. Such a blast to photograph!

Basballe_0001 Basballe_0012 Basballe_0027 Blog1 Blog2 Blog3 Basballe_0068 Blog4
Check out this little guy's mouth! Are those not the cutest little lips you've ever seen? 
Basballe_0092 Basballe_0095 Blog5
Such sweet blue eyes and ADORABLE pigtails. She's doing a chicken impersonation in order to make us laugh. Or maybe that's what I was doing to make her laugh. I forget.
This little guy had wheels! He has zero interest in me or my camera, and was most likely teething too, if how much he wanted his fingers in his mouth was any indication. In order to photograph him, I just had to chase after him! Laura's workout for the day.
Thank you, Basballe family, for having me come out to photograph you guys on your vacation! Thanks for being troopers with the rain, and for having fun anyway!


  1. Thank you, Laura! You did a wonderful job - these are such fun pictures of our time together.

  2. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.


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