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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bryan + Mandy - Brainerd, MN Wedding Photography

When Mandy and Bryan met me earlier this summer for their engagement session, I knew that they'd be a dream to photograph. They needed very little direction from me and were so open to everything I suggested.

Their August 6th wedding arrived quickly, and soon we were at Manhattan Beach Lodge and the Whitefish Lodge and Suites for their wedding festivities. Mandy's dress was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. It was so unique, flirty and fun! She looked amazing in it, and one look at Bryan's face tells you that he thought the same thing. Bryan brought his own uniqueness into the wedding with tuxes with tails! It was the first time I'd seen the groom and groomsmen wearing tuxes like this.

SeliskerWedding_0003 Blog1 Blog2 SeliskerWedding_0025 SeliskerWedding_0035 Blog3 Blog4 Blog5 Blog6 SeliskerWedding_0133
It had been raining heavily the entire morning before the wedding. Not just a drizzle - heavy, steady rain. The forecast looked extremely ominous. Mandy and Bryan decided to be optimistic though, and chose to have their wedding set up outside, instead of moving it inside just in case. They were rewarded for that faith and optimism - the rain stopped just as we began pictures, and the clouds parted and the sun came out as the ceremony began.
Blog10 Blog11
After the ceremony, the wedding party made a pit stop at the Moonlight Bay bar for a quick celebratory drink. They were a hit with the other bar patrons - a fun wedding party is pretty captivating!
Bryan is a big time Packers fan. [At least I think it's the Packers that he likes...] He is NOT a Vikings fan. Some of the other Vikings fans decided to give Bryan a lovely gift of a Vikings flag and a football potter with pretty purple and yellow flowers! He was so impressed!
Blog12 SeliskerWedding_0302 Blog13 Instead of letting people continue to clink their glasses and make Bryan and Mandy kiss, they brought out a bag with the names of their guests inside. If the glasses were clinked, they drew a name. The person they drew had to kiss their spouse, and then Mandy and Bryan would copy them. This led to each kiss getting crazier and crazier. Mandy and Bryan matched each and every kissing challenge.

Bryan's parents showing them how it's done!
Blog14 SeliskerWedding_0299
Mandy and Bryan's cake was so unique and intricate! Such amazing detail.
SeliskerWedding_0322 SeliskerWedding_0392
Mandy's parents wrapping up the kissing game.
Their first dance was so sweet, complete with rose petals for them to dance on. 
SeliskerWedding_0406 SeliskerWedding_0421 Blog15 Blog16
Then the party started! The dance floor was packed the entire time, and Mandy and Bryan were right in the center of the action. 
SeliskerWedding_0450 SeliskerWedding_0458 SeliskerWedding_0509
The DJ made Bryan prove himself with his dancing skills in order to be able to take off Mandy's garter. This is an action shot of him doing the worm. Go Bryan, go!
Bryan and Mandy - thank you two from the bottom of my heart for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I am so thankful that you trusted me with photographing your wedding day. It was an honor to get a glimpse into your love as you two promised forever to each other. I hope these photos will always bring you right back to that day, and remind you of why you fell in love in the first place. xx, Laura

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