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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bennett - 1 Year Photos - Brainerd, MN Baby and Child Photography

I photographed Bennett last summer for his newborn photos. Now, one year later, we met again for his 1 year photos.

When I see a newborn baby, I have a really hard time imagining them as a 6 month old baby, or a 1 year old. But now that I have photographed Bennett as a 1 year old, I look back on that newborn session and I think "Oh, he looks exactly the same, just older!" Isn't that weird?

It took Bennett a little while to decide if I was worthy of a smile or two. I don't blame him; I probably look pretty intimidating/ridiculous with a huge black box covering my face when I come up close to him. Thankfully, he decided I was worth a couple little giggles and we were able to catch some great photos. Ok, the credit for the smiles go to his parents, but who's keeping track?! Thank you to the Day family for once again trusting me to photograph Bennett. xx!! Laura

Bennett1Yr_0006 The next set of photos had me doubled over in hysterics. Apparently, Bennett didn't like the texture of Gregg's hair. His face says it all. Blog1 Bennett1Yr_0026 Bennett1Yr_0037 Bennett1Yr_0040 Bennett1Yr_0048 Bennett1Yr_0053 Blog2 Bennett1Yr_0070 Blog3

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