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Monday, May 16, 2011


I am a worrier by nature.

I've blogged multiple times about my Worry Jar and about how I have to make a conscious effort to not worry about things beyond my control. Or if I can control them, to stop worrying and do something about it instead.

I am fearful by nature too.

Fearful of failure, fearful of rejection. Fearful of not being good enough. Common things that maybe you can relate to.

Did you know that the command "Fear Not" is the #1 most frequently mentioned of God's commands in the Bible? I learned that reading Max Lucado's book, Fearless. The Bible has this Fear Not command written in many different forms, using different types of words, said by different people. But the underlying message is the same. FEAR NOT. Don't Fear, God has it covered. Don't waste time in fear. Do not be afraid.

When I find myself sucked into the trap of fear and worry, I have to make a conscious effort to escape. Sometimes, sleep helps to reset my mindset and give me a recharged positive outlook. Other times, it's prayer that helps me find my balance again. It might even be a conversation or affirmation from a friend or family who helps to put those worries or fears to ease.

Tonight, it was the moon. It reminded me of how small I am, compared to God. Of how small some of the things I worry about are when compared to the significant problems happening to people all around the world right this very minute. Of how things can look entirely different when viewed from a different angle, from a different perspective.


God says Fear Not. So today, I won't.

I linked up with Darcy over at My3Boybarians for Sweet Shot Tuesday. If you haven't visited SST before, check it out!

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  1. Love your moon shot and strategy on managing fear and worry.

  2. Incredible.

    Incredible shot and incredible post. I too am a worrier by nature. My mom has dubbed me "the worry wart". She says that I have been that way all my life. I was born worrying. I can identify with you 100%. I too find peace in telling myself that God knows what he is doing. I just try to remind myself that the only person I can really control (can't think of any other word) is myself. I try to lead by example and help when and where I can. It's not always easy but I feel that with age I am getting better at it. :) Thanks again for such an awesome post!

  3. Thanks, ladies. The moon is indeed mesmerizing.

  4. What an AMAZING shot of the moon!!

    And thanks...I always need a reminder not to fear!!

    Loved this...

  5. wow what a great moon shot!!! That is awesome!

  6. Loved reading your perspective. I can totally relate. And great shot!

  7. Incredible shot - how did you take it? Truly it is wonderful, I hope you blow it up and put it on your wall. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. Love this post! Gorgeous moon!

    I tend to lean on the worry side as well. I have to remind myself to "not borrow worry, not borrow trouble." The sky always calms me down.


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