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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Egging On The Storm

Spring means Crappie Fishing in my family.

I've spent the recent evenings out on the lake with my dad and mom/grandpa/Matt, trying to find the hotspots for crappies. It's been a crazy year with one nice day followed by days of cold, and has really screwed up the consistency of the fish. But that doesn't stop us from hunting them down.

The other day, I went out fishing with my dad and grandpa. We were out maybe 20 minutes before we started to hear booms rolling in from the um... south? [I'm horrible with directions, unless I can imagine the map.] I couldn't decide if it was Camp Ripley or thunder.

A local kayak club was on the lake for their weekly paddle meeting too, and they stopped to check out the weather, and debate thunder vs. Camp Ripley too.

They decided that it was indeed thunder and that a storm was blowing in. They headed back toward the landing.
While we were fishing, another boat who was fishing near us fired up their motor to head back to the landing. Before they left, the lady said to us, "Not sure if you know or not, but there's severe weather heading our way." Because we don't have phones with internet, we had no idea it was more than just a rain squall.

My mom texted me and told me that it might pass just east of us [or maybe it was just west of us?], so my dad made the judgement call to just fish a little bit more. "We're only a minute from the landing."

So, we kept fishing. 

It would sprinkle a little bit, and the clouds would roll toward us. The thunder would roll and I'd watch the sky in between my casts.
Then, the sun poked out. 

All the rest of the boats had headed for shore, but we rode out the possibility of the storm and were rewarded with a calm lake, sun rays, and crappie bites.
The crappies weren't very big but hey - who cares! They're fun to catch, no matter how big they are. 

Big thanks to Grandpa for snapping this photo of me. You can tell how humid it was with the rain and storm passing through - holy fuzzy hair!! 
Good thing Dad isn't as antsy around storms as I am. We would have missed out on the peaceful lake, the prime fishing spot, and an evening of Dad-Grandpa-Laura bonding over crappies and candy bars if we had left early.

I'm happy we stayed.

P.S. This was the night that many places in the cities had huge hail storms. My Facebook newsfeed was overloaded with people posting photos of the different sized hail stones they picked up after the storm passed through. We sure lucked out up here!


  1. The pictures are so calm and soothing.

    Yay for catching a crappie!

  2. The scenery is so peaceful. How wonderful it must have been to have that kind of family time. I'm glad for you that you stayed :). Thanks for sharing.


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