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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring, I Need You

Things have been a little less than healthy around here lately.

I got a sore throat which progressed to a full blown head cold two weeks ago. I was starting to feel better and then my husband told me "I think I'm getting your cold." Bummer, I thought. But it'll heal up quick - he always beats colds quick.

Then in the middle of the night, he woke up SHIVERING uncontrollably and burning up. Combined with severe body aches, we spent the next morning in Urgent Care and left with an influenza A diagnosis and a prescription for Tamiflu.

I had a wedding to photograph the next evening, so in hopes of avoiding the flu, I spent the day/night at my parents house. The wedding went off without a hitch and so did the next day of editing. I thought I'd avoided the flu, yahoo!

The next night at 3 am, I awoke feeling chilled as well, and despite a hot water bottle at my feet, just couldn't get warm. Sure enough, I had a fever as well. Off to Urgent Care I went and came home with a prescription for Tamiflu as well.

The last 48 hours have been spent with me following Matt's symptoms like clockwork - 48 hours of a 100* or higher fever and fluctuations between hot and cold like crazy. Last night, my fever broke so I was able to sleep a little more soundly.

Matt is finished with his Tamiflu dose and is no longer contagious at all. I am contagious for another half a day or so, and have 2 days of Tamiflu left.

Guess who will be getting flu shots next year??!?! US!!!!

So things have been put on the back burner around here, including keeping our house presentable. My goal for tomorrow, pending better health is to degerm the house! Do the laundry! Wash the bedding! As a Type-A person, this catastrophy doesn't work well for me.

Prayers for full health would be greatly appreciated for me, if you wouldn't mind. I have a wedding I am photographing for a special couple on Sunday, and then I have a 4 day workshop that will be monumental for my business and my photography in general that I AM NOT willing to miss. I will be going, regardless of anything. If I have to wear a surgical mask the entire 4 days, I will. But I don't think it'll come to that. :) But I'd gladly accept and welcome your prayers for better health so that I can be 100% dedicated to the wedding I'm photographing and 100% focused during the 4 day workshop.

After the workshop, I have several portrait sessions in the week or two following, so things will begin to pick up speed as we move toward spring. And as the days tick off into March, I'm HOPING that we will begin to see the temperature on the thermometer rise as well. Above freezing temps, where are you?!?!

Raise your hand if you are ready for spring and the warm weather that comes with it??


xx, Laura

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  1. Laura- I'm pretty sure the entire brainerd lakes area has been hit with influenza!! My mom's been home from school for 3 days and my dad has been too!! Praying that you and Matt feel better SOON!!! And I cannot wait to hear all about your 4 day photography conference!!! so exciting!


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