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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Laura Radniecki Images Gets a New Look!

I have exciting news.

After attending the 4 day Get Biffed workshop at the beginning of March, I came home with a million ideas and with an intense drive to make some changes and to push my business forward in the direction that I want it to go. When businesses begin, it's often all about survival Just making things work, figuring out the kinks and learning from the mistakes. Then, as time goes on and businesses kind of 'come into their own,' they are able to move forward with more intention. They are able to be honed and crafted to reflect the people behind them, to reflect their purpose and their mission.

That's what I came home wanting to do. I want to attract the kind of clients that are a perfect fit for my business. I fully realize that there is a perfect photographer for every person, and for every situation. And for some people, that perfect photographer is not me. That is ok! It's so much more worthwhile for them to find their perfect photographer, instead of settling with me and vice versa. I want my brand to really reflect who I am as a person, how I conduct myself professionally, and to ideally draw in the clients that are a great fit with me.

In order to start this process, I had to make some changes. It started with a new take on my old logo - one you will see everywhere from now on. From there, I began the design process on a new website. I also worked behind the scenes and created all new pricing documents that are packed with information about sessions with me. If you contact me for information or prices in the future, you will see the fruits of my labors there.

I'm happy to say that as of yesterday afternoon, my new website is LIVE! It's found at the same url as before: www.lauraradnieckiimages.com. Things are very different, but I think the underlying vibe is the same - as it should be. Because it's ME. The person behind the camera is the same, but my vision and my style is being defined and refined.

One of the benefits of this new site is that I created a mobile site that goes along with it. If you use an iphone or an ipad, they don't read or load flash websites. My old site was solely flash-based, meaning you couldn't view it on an iphone or an ipad. This new site is largely flash-based, but there's the option to create a mobile site for those people who will be accessing my site through their iphone/ipad. If you are on an iphone and you try to go to my website, you should be rerouted to my mobile site which has a phone-friendly version of my website for your viewing pleasure. That makes me happy because even though I'm totally behind the times with my dinosaur phone, tons of people are rocking their iphones. I know it's the way of the present and the future too, so I am happy to join the ranks of iphone-ready sites!

*Since my site only went live yesterday, and I don't have an iphone to check it on, I'd like to know if it works or not. If you have an iphone, try to access my website on it. If it works, let me know! If it doesn't, let me know too! I'm totally human and very capable of typos, even though Matt and I have proof-read this to death. So I'd appreciate hearing what it looks like from an actual iphone!

Feel free to take a spin around the new site. I'm excited about it, and about the unlimited possibilities there are for it in the future. I designed my site with SHOWIT, and the sky is the limit with that program. The future is bright and I'm excited to see what is in store!

xx, Laura


  1. Oh Laura, I love you new site. It looks so nice and crisp. total LOVE for me.

    I, like you, also use a dinosaur cell phone so I can not help you out there. :(

    and can I also say.. that new logo is rocking cool! Did you have it made or did you make it yourself? I need a logo. I have bought a few but I am not in love with them.

    ok.. so ONE more question.. ok? What editing program do you use. I have LightRoom3 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but I need a photoshop or elements program. I want to make story boards. Do you have any suggestions for a decent one?

    Congratulations on the new web page. You go girl!!!

  2. Wow!!!! I love it! The page loads so much quicker and flows so nice!!! I love it Laura! I think it reflects you and your vision even better then the original! Way to go!!!! I hope you love it!


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