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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meghan and Aaron - Cold Spring, MN Engagement Photography

Meghan and Aaron have the kind of relationship where there are no games - they are simply true and real around each other and with each other. They love deeply, smile constantly and speak openly about how blessed they are to have found each other.

A year ago today, Aaron led Meghan into the snowy Minnesota woods on a winter scavenger hunt. It ended at a big tree, with a piece of paper taped to it. Meghan took the paper off, looked at it with a puzzled expression as it was blank, and then leaned around the tree, looking for something around the bottom of the tree. She said to Aaron, "There's nothing here; it's blank!" He smiled and then Meghan saw the tree. Into the outer bark, Aaron had carved the most important message: Meg Marry Me.

She said yes, and that's where I come in.

I photographed Meghan's sister Erin's wedding this past fall, and was asked early last year to be the photographer for Meghan and Aaron's summer 2011 wedding as well. I can't wait to celebrate another wedding with the Sullivan family - you guys are awesome!

For Meghan and Aaron's engagement session, we started at the house Aaron owns - the house that will become Meghan and Aaron's as soon as they become husband and wife in June. Aaron is an incredibly hard worker, and Meghan shared with me how proud she is of him and how thankful she is for all the work he does for them. After the indoor photos were complete, we donned our winter jackets and mittens and headed for the woods. We were going to see the tree.

The weather was a balmy 20 degrees out, but the wind was whipping past us. Poor Meghan and Aaron were such troopers in the cold windchill. I had a parka on that's rated for -40* and my ears were frozen in a minute. But they didn't complain one bit! I love my couples. It was awesome to be able to photograph Meghan and Aaron right in the same place where their journey from boyfriend-girlfriend toward husband and wife began.

Meghan and Aaron - thank you for trekking through the woods with me! I am so incredibly excited for your wedding in June! That cake, the colors, everything sounds amazing and I know it is going to be a blast. Enjoy your photos and I'll see you soon! xoxo, Laura













  1. Laura honestly, that made me cry! You are so amazing and SO talented.. We are blessed to have you be our photographer. Thank you for these and for your kind words:) I am beyond excited with how these turned out!

    Thank you SO much again!

  2. this are simply adorable!!! Im so excited for you to do mark & my engagement session!! I wasn't sure how it was gonna work in the snow but these are beautiful!

  3. Great photos. What an awesome story.


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