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Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks For Everything, 2010.

2010 has been good to me.

After having the most unbelievably amazing 2009 year; living in Hawaii, not having to get a job yet, enjoying the island with our many awesome Marine Corps friends, taking a 40 day cross country road trip... I wasn't sure anything could top it.

I don't know if 2010 topped 2009 so much... but it was amazing in its own right. My business blossomed in 2010. I went from shooting maybe 5 portrait shoots in 2009 and having 1 or maybe 2 weddings booked by the time 2010 rolled in, to having shot 5 weddings, 70+ portrait sessions, and I now have 15+ weddings booked for 2011. A year ago, I had no idea that my business would grow this much, this fast. I had no idea that my equipment would change in such a blessed way, and that I would have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and families in each of my shoots. I really had no idea. And for everything that happened in 2010, I am eternally grateful.

Now as 2011 approaches, I look ahead. I look ahead in both my personal and in my professional life and I look at what I hope to accomplish and achieve. Where I hope to go in the new year. I made some lists last night of goals, and then a list of things I want to make sure I do in 2011. One of the things that I'm not so proud of in 2010 is that I didn't make a lot of time for myself. Or my family, really. I was so busy making my business grow in it's early stages, that I didn't get to enjoy much of my summer. I only went to the beach 3 times, max. It might have been only 2 times. I went bike riding only once with my parents and 3-4 times maybe, with Matt. There was so much I never got to do. Granted, when you are feeding a brand new business, it is all encompassing at first. It requires all the efforts and energy you can give. I don't regret how I spent 2010 because I brought me to where I am now. But now that my foundation is built, I can make changes in 2011.

In 2011, I am going to make a deliberate effort to HAVE a summer. Sure, I'll be working as hard, if not harder at my photography job next year, but I will be better at budgeting my time and prioritizing. To knowing when to shut off the computer and when to head outside. Some of the things I want to do this year are:

-Go for lots and lots of bike rides
-Pick raspberries, blueberries AND strawberries
-Have BBQs and campfires
-Go out in the boat
-Fish more
-Go to the beach more than 3 times
-Read books from the library

and one of the things that I have let slip from my life since living in Hawaii -


I have 2 novels in the works that need attention. I have outlines and plans for where the stories will go and I haven't typed even one letter more in each story in over a year. Maybe even 2 years. I'm excited to get back to that.

As far as my photography goals go, I think that's maybe perfect for another post. I have hopes and dreams for Laura Radniecki Images in the new year, as well as some changes to the photo plans that are coming. Price adjustments are coming on some of the services, so if you are interested in booking a portrait session or having a quote for a wedding, email me asap. You can book a session now at the current price and have the session at any time. Once the prices go up, any sessions booked after will be at the new price. I am excited to share the tweaks to the packages; I think they will make you, the clients, happier and life easier for you. The goal is about creating lasting memories for you and your family.

So as 2010 comes to a close and 2011 stands right in front of us... I have a happy heart for all of the blessings that 2010 held for Matt and I. He completed his AA and is weeks away from starting his 1 year accelerated Bachelors degree program. He has found active outlets in both softball and now triathlons. He is excelling beyond all of our hopes for him. I can't believe where Laura Radniecki Images is now, as compared to a year ago. I want to thank all of my clients and those of you who have spread the word about me and my photography this past year - I owe much of my success and of my growth to you. I am so eternally grateful for your support and for your enthusiasm.

I am excited to see what 2011 brings - both for us and for our family and friends. For the world. Let's all laugh a little harder, trust a little deeper, worry a little [or a lot in my case] less, and pray a little harder in the new year.

Oh, and for all of you who read this blog, thank you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to tune in and see what's new here. Thank you for giving me positive feedback as I photographed my first wedding, or as I photographed the coming of spring. I'd love to get to know you - if you blog, send an email and give me your blog link. Or do so in the comments. I'd love to hear from you. I don't have nearly 1/1,000th of all the answers to photography or anything business related, but I'm happy to help where I can. If you have a question about how I do something, what gear I use, or anything else, please - send me an email! I'd love to hear from you. Let's have 2011 be a one of more connections too, what do you say?

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

xoxo, Laura


  1. Congratulations on such a fulfilling 2010. It was so nice to read about all of the happy things that came your way. Many blessings for the new year:)

  2. You go girl, Laura! It has been soo magical watching LR Images evolve into the powerhouse it is now. My goals? Run with the motors and leave the anchors behind :) Happy New Year my friend!

  3. Blessings for the New Year!



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