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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Wadena

I know Christmas is over, but I still have a few posts left that deal with the beauty of the Christmas season; the lights and the joy. The traditions and the memories. I'm a fan of leaving the Christmas tree up until after New Years too, so let's extend the season a little longer.

My parents and I drove about an hour west one night a few weeks back after reading in the local newspaper about Christmas in Wadena. A man decks his house out to the nines with Christmas lights and they all flash and dance in an hour long show, timed with music. It's free to see, with a donation box and a place to give items for the food shelf if you want. There was a salute to the troops, and many, many Christmas songs. Even some jokes about bypassing 'going green' to enjoy a little Christmas cheer.

It was an awesome show, and a fun memory - sitting in the car with my parents, parked along the street. We had to roll the windows down to de-fog, and periodically turn on the car for warmth. The music projected into our car through a radio station, dedicated to this light show.













And once it was all over with, my parents and I did what normal people do when it's 10* out in the middle of winter.

We went to Dairy Queen.


  1. So fun! We have someone here in town that does this also...radio station and everything. I don't think it is quite as long as the one you saw. I think it's so neat!

  2. Oh cool! I love that bokeh lighted one.. sweet!

    Sounds like a goo time.

    My grand daughter asked on Christmas day to go to the Dairy Queen. haha


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