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Monday, November 22, 2010

Metcalf Family - Brainerd, MN Family Photography

The Metcalf family came into town for a brief weekend, for a business conference. Wouldn't you know that it happened to be the weekend that the weather turned cold and the wind whipped across the roads like razor blades. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it was cold. Really cold. Too cold for a little 3 month old to be outside.

So, we utilized one of the beautiful local hotels, The Lodge as the location for our shoot. That's where the Metcalfs were staying, and proved to be a nice rustic Minnesotan setting.

Metcalf Family, thanks for making a business trip into a vacation, complete with family photos. It was so great to meet you all and to see how enthusiastic the boys are about hockey! I loved that! Give me a shout when you head back this way again! xo, Laura










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