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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Girls Weekend and Snow

This weekend, I went up north to Lutsen with 8 of my college girlfriends. Coincidentally, it happened to be the same weekend that my mom was heading up to the north shore as well, to meet up with 3 of her high school girlfriends for the weekend. Since our destinations were only 30 minutes apart, we were able to carpool. Perfect planning! Because we were both going up to catch up with old friends, there were lots of talk about friendships and about staying in touch on the drive. It's only with effort that these friendships [mine with my friends and my mom with hers] will continue and grow.

My mom and her friends have been getting together at least annually, for over 30 years. Through marriages, the birth of their kids, raising those kids, marrying off those kids, and then now, having empty nests, they've been through it all together. They've continued their get togethers in the midst of all the chaos that is life.

My friends and I are just beginning the chaos. We are only 2.5 years out of college, and less than half the group is married. No one has kids yet. As time passes, that will change, but we hope one thing will be constant - being able to get together and to make that a priority.

It was really fun because on Saturday, my friends and I went up to Grand Marais with the intent to walk around, sight see, shop and have lunch. The gusty wind and the rain kept us inside for most of the time, but we were able to do a little of what we planned on. My mom and her friends headed to Grand Marais for the same reasons on Saturday too. We ran into them there, and even ate lunch at the same place. We were two generations, united by the importance of friendship.

The weekend of talks, reminiscing, catching up, and the future was made even more magical and dreamy by the snow that fell, and fell... and fell. We were lucky that we didn't get stuck there, because come Monday morning, the working world called. But for the weekend, we were in our own little world. Our own little world tied together by shared memories at St. Scholastica. By the stories of how we all met. And of hopes and plans for future get togethers. It was a great weekend.

To all of you girls, thanks for the awesome weekend. I'm so happy I could make it this time, after missing the last few. Now to start planning the next one! :) xoxo, Laura
























  1. It looks like SO much fun! Positively exquisite and beautiful! What a fun thing to meet up for lunch. I seriously can not get over your snow. I am hoping that we don't get any until at least the end of FEBRUARY : ) Yep, I said it! No snow this winter! That is what I am hoping for : ) If it happens in February it will be ok because I know the end is near!

  2. OhWow! I looks like you had a blast. Love all the photos!


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