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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Think Pink

Breast Cancer is a disease that touches all of us in some way.

I would bet almost anything on the fact that ALL of us know someone personally, or know someone who knows someone who has been affected by this disease. It is rampant everywhere.

Watching the Vikings game yesterday and seeing both teams wear pink shoes, pink gloves and pink chin straps made me smile with a slight lump in my throat. A lump of sadness for the people who've been affected by this disease - the ones who have died at its hand. The ones whose families have been affected. But also a smile because the support is amazing - it's a cause that even the macho men of the NFL have joined in to support.

We're on the search for a cure.

The local hospitals have been working on a project since the Race for the Cure this summer - and the video is finally complete. Click on the link below to watch it.

In addition to watching the video, I wanted to post a couple links to etsy shops run by women supporting the cause.

Christy at Wired Whimsy sells jewelry and has a Think Pink line, with almost half of the cost of the very reasonable necklaces going towards cancer research. She has felt the call to join the fight and is using her corner of the internet to make a difference.

Ruthanne at the Eclectic Whatnot makes camera strap covers and other adorable ruffle-ness. She made a strap titled Think Pink and 25% of the fee goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Pretty good excuse to order a great pink camera strap for you or for the woman photographer in your life, eh?

These two ladies are doing their part and I'm so happy to know them. I have one of Christy's necklaces and I plan to post a few photos of it soon. I also have one of Ruthanne's camera straps - not Think Pink as it wasn't out when I ordered mine, but I can attest for the ruffled cuteness and the high quality craftsmanship of her work.

With Christmas around the corner, some of your Christmas shopping could be tackled while you help an amazing cause. Just an idea. :)

Let's all think pink, and keep praying for a cure.

[Oh, and if you would keep J.L. in your prayers - I found out that the mom of one of my elementary school classmates found out just 2 months ago that she had a very aggressive and invasive type of breast cancer. She's in treatment right now, but the road is steep. All the prayers you can give would be greatly appreciated by her and her family, I'm confident of it.]

Enjoy this wild and crazy ride,

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