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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stopping for the Moments

Life has been moving so quick lately, I haven't had time to stop and blog about anything other than my recent work. As winter quickly approaches and the weather dips, shoots will slow and I'll have to fill the blogging void with other things besides client work.

Big things that have happened lately:

-My sister and her husband Tony came up for a weekend and it was the first time we'd seen them since August. Such a fun weekend getting to catch up, talk for hours, and then eat a family fish fry on Sunday after church.
-Matt continues to do awesomely in college. He's a TA for his econ teacher. He tried to talk politics with me.
-I went to eat lunch with him one day last week at the college. I just have to say, I'm happy I'm out of that phase of life. I don't miss going to class.
-We decided that for my workflow, an iMac would be a good addition to our home office. It's quite different than what we're used to and I sometimes click around looking for what I am trying to find/do, but Google has been a big help and I'm managed well so far. I LOVE the big screen for editing.
-Our beautiful weather streak may have passed over. There's snow in the forecast and today, the day I was supposed to have 3 portrait shoots, was DOWNPOURING. Such is life though, and we made do.

Last Thursday, it was Girls Night Out around town. Basically, there's a punch card and you have to go around town to various businesses and then they stamp your card, saying you visited their shop. They often have refreshments, drinks and then give out samples or coupons etc for their business. Then, at the end, each place you go to is basically a ticket into a $1000 random drawing. I've never done it before, and this week, my mom, two aunts and I decided to participate. We went to 26 businesses in less than 3 hours and laughed the whole way. It was great bonding time. Even though none of us won the prize money, we're already planning on doing the one in the spring when my one snow-bird aunt comes back up North. We got to sample lots of snacks, boxed wine and even a margarita at Trailblazer bikes.

While we were out scouting around town, trying to find the businesses on the list, the sun set in the most amazing way. Because I have a Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag and because a camera is only good if it's available to you [can't take photos without a camera!], I of course had my camera with me. I caught a few photos of the things that made me stop and pay attention. The little things.

I've been trying to pay closer attention to those little things.








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