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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Perfect End to The Perfect Day

So I just got home from shooting an absolutely INCREDIBLE wedding! Seriously guys, I can't WAIT to process these photos and to relive the day. An unbelievable group of people, true, true love in its purest form, and amazing weather on top of it. I could not have felt more included and important today. Sullivan and Rehnblom family, you are truly fantastic.

I checked my email and had a blog comment saying something about congrats of being a winner this week at IHeartFaces. I'm like 'whaaa?'

So I go over to IHF to check it out. I entered a photo collage into this week's theme of Photojournalism [here's my entry] and guess what? My collage placed third!


This is a just-for-fun contest, no prizes or anything. Just a way to share your photography with other like-minded people who love the same craft. I'm so flattered and happy to have been chosen again [I placed third in May too!]

Here's the winners for this week, as well as those listed as 'favorites.' Check them out!!


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