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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I posted earlier this week about the importance of branding and how I needed to come up with 3 words to describe my brand.

Some of you weighed in with your own version of my 3 words, and I am so thankful. It's because of you that have a new #1 word.

My new list is this:


Those three words are what I want my brand to be. That's what I want my brand to convey. That's the theme that I want to run consistently through my photography. That is what I want to ooze out of my photos, my website, my blog, everything Laura Radniecki Images related. It's something that I will tuck into my mind each and every time that I shoot now.

I just made a new desktop background for my computer. Inspiration of sorts. It's three wedding photos that's I've shot, and the three words describing my brand written over them.

Those three words are my muse.




  1. Excellent choices. It's your artist statement!

  2. Love your three words...rock it out! :)

  3. Yes, I've been to Whipple... I live over in Motley :-)Funny how small the world really is! Do you live in Brainerd? I really admire your photography, btw, you do a rad job. Liking your three words too..I got to watch that seminar, it was great!


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