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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Wonders

Today has been one of those "I Miss Hawaii" days, which always brings with it "I Miss My Marine Corps Friends" too. Hawaii and the Marine Corps went hand in hand for Matt and I, which was a sometimes good and other times bad thing. Good because it gave us the cushy life that we got to live for the 8 months we were there. Bad because by the end of our time there, Matt was so excited to be done with the Marines [and me too] that it in return translated into "We can't wait to leave Hawaii!" The minute we left the island, we missed it. Well maybe not the minute, but within a week, for sure.

I am so very thankful that we were given the opportunity to call Hawaii 'HOME.' To start our married life under the same roof in paradise. What a blessing we were given.

I'm happy here, in Minnesota. I really am. I am not sad all the time. I am not melancholy and nostalgic all day, or even every day. But at times, I succumb to the memories and I think that's ok.

I know that I have to 'bloom where I'm planted' as a wise person said a few months back. I am.

But still, I left part of my heart and a whole lot of good times behind when we left the island.

So, tonight, for my Wednesday Wonders post, I am dedicating it to Hawaii. To the awesome people we met there and all the fantastic memories we made. I am forever grateful for each day spent on that beautiful island, with the amazing people that the Marine Corps brought together.

[This post is also inspired because I dug my Point & Shoot camera out of my purse and recharged the battery, realizing there were 800 photos on it. I dumped them onto my computer and found some gems that I forgot I had. These photos are unedited [hello red eye?] and I love them just like they are.]

Aloha ♥,


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