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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad

Thanks for everything, Dad. I wouldn't be able to convey how much you mean to me through words, even if I tried for hours.

So I'll just say thank you and that I love you instead. I do. A lot.

Happy Father's Day.

A couple other shout-outs. To the Father-in-laws [full and step] in my life, Happy Father's Day to you too. Thanks for helping to raise the man I share a name with.

To Matt - one day you will be a father too, and I know you'll be a great one.

To my Mom - for picking Dad and giving me life. Also, for being the best Mom ever. [I might not have written a specific Mother's Day post last month.] I love you so much.

♥ - L


  1. Love the first photo. I feel the same way in terms of how words seem so inadequate. But i might give it a shot tonight regardless.

  2. Oh yeah, and I had my first impromptu photo shoot this past weekend. My daughter had a grade nine grad and afterward when I was taking her pictures all her friends wanted some too. It was great fun, and hopefully they will allow me to post their pictures.
    It was so much fun seeing how they turned out.


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