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Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Times at a Wedding Shower

My sister had her second bridal shower last weekend. Even though our family lives within the same state lines, with life as busy as it is, too much time passes between our visits. I know busy-ness isn't a good excuse for not making time for family, but sadly, it's a reality a lot of the time.

But on Saturday, a large chunk of our family from the Hensel side gathered together to celebrate Erica and her upcoming union to Tony. We were able to catch up with cousins we hadn't seen in years, and see second-cousins that have grown into little people since we last saw them.

Our day went something like this:

Here's Buddy. He is the sweetest dog ever.

Miss Sydney.

And Miss Taylor.

I was telling them about the time, about 7 years ago at another family wedding, where I was holding one of them [they're twins and I can't tell them apart without asking who's who...]. While I was holding them on my lap, they leaned forward and whacked their little baby forehead on the table in front of us. I was SO EMBARRASSED and sadly, they formed a little goose-egg on their head to show for it. I don't think anyone else saw though. Sue, if you were wondering why your daughter had a lump on her forehead, well - now you know. Haha!

I can't believe they are so big now.

Then Buddy apparently turned camera-shy. I have that effect on people; I don't know why! I point them camera at them and they get all flustered, awkward and weird. I think I need a telephoto lens so I can be at the other side of the yard and still get up close and personal.

This is Lily. She and I have the same tendency. We like to pick the M&M's out of the trail mix.

Hey - that is the best part!

I was trying to get Lily to look at me and smile, and this is the end result. Her mom Tracy was in stitches, watching us!

Here's Lily's brother, Jack. He loved the camera, and as my sister pointed out, 'He knows he's cute!"

My God-Mother and aunt, Andrea came up for the celebration. I hadn't seen her since Matt and I spend a week of our road trip at their house in Florida. It was one great week!!

The guest of honor - the reason we were all together to celebrate!

This little guy is Charlie. The last time I saw him, he was just a baby. He has these 'lady-killer' eyes as his grandma said. He might have been annoyed with the big black camera in his face, because I couldn't get a straight-on look from him.

Mom, helping out with the gifts!

Charlie, trying to eat some pieces of his chip that broke off when he wiped out on the driveway. This little man is tough; he didn't cry a bit after the wipe-out.

Lily had a wipe out too and hurt her toe. She went inside with her auntie T-T and came out with a band aid on everything that hurt. Hilarious!!

These last few photos are sentimental to me, and probably to all of the Hensel family. Our grandma was a fantastic gardener and loved nothing more than growing plants, vegetables and flowers. When Lily said she wanted to water the flowers, I followed her around the side of the house. As my aunt Gin said, "Grandma [her mom] would have loved all these flowers."

The reason I love this picture so much though, is how Lily is preserving her bandaged finger - how cute is that?!?

Grandma Hensel would have been proud.

I really love being around family - there's just something that I can't really put my finger on about it all. I love that they knew me when I was little, and that they love and respect me regardless of what I'm doing with my life. We shared the same grandparents and our parents have tons of stories from when they were growing up. There is just something that feels right when family gets together.

Tracy, thanks for hosting Erica's shower. It was truly a wonderful day!

Enjoy the warmth,



  1. Such fun pictures! And I have to say... even with the telephoto lens, people still see you coming from a mile away. The get stiff, awkward and try to smile... JUST BE NATURAL PEOPLE. It's not like we'd post it if it was a hideous picture:) I find it hard to get a picture of them being 100% natural. Maybe I just need a little more stealth :)

  2. You are so fantastically talented. I'd love to know when you start photography and did you learn as you went?

    Incredibly beautiful blog.

  3. @The Empress, you know - I think I'm going to blog about my journey to photography and how it's transformed my life... Thanks to you and another person who asked me the same question today! Stay tuned! :)

    Sara - I know, I just wish people would drop the awkwardness and just be natural! :) But I guess that is where our challenge lies!


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