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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Erin & Zack - Engagement Photography

Zack and Erin met in 8th grade when they had lockers by each other. Who knew the L section would bring them together?

They began dating as sophomores and over half a decade later, here they are - engaged to become husband and wife.

Zack looks at Erin with complete love in his eyes and Erin can't help but have a huge smile on her face when she looks back at him. They are a seriously glamorous couple. The railroad station offered us the perfect setting for a little grunge, a little green, and a few stunning flowers thrown in too. The weather fell in our favor, despite the ominous black clouds that hung nearby and the brisk wind that we hid from behind the giant buildings. It was a good, good day.

I just have to say, Erin has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. Seriously, if I could trade her, I would in a heartbeat. We used the wind to our advantage and added a little modelesque-ness to our shoot.

This photo of Zack and Erin melts my heart. Look at Erin's smile - hello dimples!!

I have to say, spring in Minnesota makes for much more pleasing photography backdrops than winter does. Color!

As the shoot was winding down, Zack asked me, "How do you feel about some pictures with our pup?" I replied, in a very eager way, "You have a puppy?!" Bubba came out to star in a few photos.

What a day!

Their New Years Day wedding is going to be SO FUN. I can't wait, guys!



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  1. Laura,
    Your photography skills are just out of this world...I love seeing new pictures! :)


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