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Saturday, April 3, 2010

RIP Marine

Yet another Marine from Matt's former battalion is now one of the Fallen.

This time, it was one that he worked closely with. At one time, he trained this Marine. He talked to him daily. He helped build him up into the Marine that he was.

He was a Marine in a job similar to what Matt would have been doing if he had decided to go to Afghanistan with 1/3 instead of honorably discharge in November.

Prayers are needed.

My heart breaks for this Marine, for his family, and for his wife.

She is living my worst nightmare.

I can barely type this because it forces me to think the unimaginable; what my life would be like without him.

I am so sorry that you have to go through this, Katie.

My prayers are with you, with your Marine's family, and with everyone who is affected by this tragedy.

These Marines, and these silent warriors [those left behind to miss them] still need our prayers.

Lots and lots of prayers.

In a time when headlines are made up of the latest celebrity scandal, which celebrity announced their sexual preference, and who made it to the next episode of the popular reality TV shows, there are people living in a nightmare.

There are Marines living in fear; fighting for our freedom - our right to watch reality television.

There are Marines [and lots of other military service members] keeping a vigilant eye out for the enemy, who could be hiding behind any of the hundreds of buildings as they patrol through the streets of deserted Afghan cities.

There are Marines who keep pictures of their wives, kids, and families in their pockets and crosses around their necks, in hopes that they'll find the strength to carry on one more day. One day closer to coming home.

For every Marine who fights over there, there is at least one person back here who missing them every second of every day.

Who worries every time their phone rings.

Whose heart sinks whenever there's an unrecognizable number on their caller ID.

Who dreams of the day they'll be reunited with the one they love and miss with every fiber of their being.

Whether these silent ranks are wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, or sons ... the fact remains that they worry, they miss, and they hurt - every day they're away from their Marine.

For one family, they are living their absolute worst nightmare tonight.

They are living through my worst nightmare.

They need prayers.

May they feel God's protective hand cover their breaking hearts as they try to understand the horrible news they have received, and that they can feel His peace and grace as they try to pick up the pieces and live through the hurt.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Katie.

Curt, maybe you rest in peace with God in Heaven. From what your fellow Marines have told me, you were one heck of a Marine.

Don't stop praying until they come home. 1/3 - in our prayers until the plane touches ground in Hawaii.

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