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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hope and Peace

This Easter season spoke to me deeper and more clear than it ever has before.

It seems like tragedy and hurt has been swirling around in abundance recently. Not directly affecting me, but to people that I know. I don't have much choice but to sit by and watch, praying for some bit of comfort for them.

One person lost a child, one a grandmother. Another family lost a son/husband/brother - a battalion and the Marine Corps as a whole lost a Hero.

Loss, sadness and grief have been present at every turn.

I've felt like there has been a brick on my chest, and a heavy burden on my shoulders. Even though I wasn't directly affected by these losses, they still touched me and made my heart break for those who knew and loved each of these people. They also made me fearful of what would happen if that same loss happened to me.

My worst nightmare.

It wasn't until Easter Sunday that I looked at the Easter miracle and realized the significance of it all. Sure - I'd heard the story of the passion and resurrection countless times, but it wasn't until I coupled that with the tragedy around me, that I completely understood the importance of it all, and the comforting truth it holds.

Because Jesus gave His life up for us, WE get to live in Heaven for all eternity too.

Death is a temporary goodbye - an 'until we meet again' of sorts.

It is not forever.

Because of Jesus, I know that those people who are grieving loss, who are missing their brother, son, husband, grandmother, friend... they will be reunited again someday, for the rest of history.

That beautiful truth of Easter hit me square on the heart this past weekend. In the midst of grief, there is hope and peace found in Jesus. Found in His sacrifice.

I pray that the families who need to feel this hope and peace can open their hearts to it today, and in the days to come as they try to piece back together their shattered realities. I'll be praying along side them.

God bless you all today and every day.


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  1. Laura, Your words are so encouraging to those that are hurting. Loss is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with. I lost my husband of only 6 years in 1986. He was a wonderful husband and father to our 2 sons. But, for whatever reason, God's plan was not my plan and he called him home. I have remarried but know that one day I will get to see one of my loves again. He was an angel on earth and now he is an angel in Heaven! I'll be praying for your friends, too!

    Sounds shallow, but beautiful pictures. The color is amazing! Are they from your new camera, the D700?


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