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Friday, April 16, 2010

Renewal and Regrowth

Living in an apartment complex isn't exactly conducive to taking fantastic nature photos. Thank goodness for my parent's beautiful lake view property being only a short drive away.

I took a stream of photos of the buds, colorful branches and green little leaves there last week. I took another stream yesterday, at many of the same locations as the week before. The amount of growth in that one week is pretty amazing!

I know one thing for sure - Spring is here! And it is so beautiful.

Here are the photos from yesterday - April 15th, 2010.

The green is coming!

Heavenly Father - thank you for the beauty that comes with the changing of the seasons. Renewal, regrowth - it is mesmerizing.

Head outside and explore today!



  1. These pictures are beautiful! Did you photoshop any of these pics? I'm not into editing yet, so just wondering. However, most of the time I favor straight out of camera shots-color is authentic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loving these photos! and love spring! Can't wait to see more spring photos from Brainerd!

  3. Hi Terri! - Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Great to hear from you!

    I, too, like a more natural look instead of over-editing. These photos are not edited in post processing. On my Nikon D700 [as well as many of the other models, I've read online] have some internal settings for their jpeg [what I shoot when I'm going out for fun]. There are settings for portrait/vivid/neutral etc. I have played with my settings some, and I believe that the setting I have it on right now is the one that makes nature look as it did to my eye. My other camera washes the color out so much in my photos, and this one is able to capture it as is.

    So! It saved me SO MUCH TIME in post process editing once I figured out how to manipulate the 'Picture Controls' as they are called on my Nikon. There are ones I can set for different situations - have one for nature, one for people, etc.

    I think that you are way ahead of the crowd in that you like natural-looking editing. I like to mess around with wild editing sometimes, but my goal is to try to make the photos timeless; much like the situations were at the time of capture.

    Thanks for leaving a comment, and stop by again soon!


  4. Hi Sara! - Isn't spring in Minnesota FANTASTIC?! As much as I am NOT a fan of the winter months, this regrowth of everything is really fantastic! And P.S. Keep the Korean spring pictures coming! I love to see those too!

  5. Hey Laura,
    Your photos are bursting with spring color and I loved the bouquet on Wednesday's post. It looks like the new camera is working out great. I try to do as little editing as possible unless I need to bring up the light. I will try moving up the saturation and then I bring it back as it always looks fake to me. I use the (very basic) Mac iphoto program. So glad my Sunday's inspired you. Good luck on the garage sale.

  6. Just gorgeous! I love how you captured the smallest details!


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