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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Transformation of Spring

I've lived in Minnesota my whole life [except for the 8 months of 2009 I spent in Hawaii] and yet the whole concept of the lakes freezing over at the beginning of winter and then melting in early spring still amazes me.

After a summer of boating, fishing and swimming, it is bittersweet when the temps drop and ice forms around the edges of the lakes. It seems like one day, the lake is water and the next, it's ice. Then, the fish houses go out and the fisherman revel in the icy wonderland.

Then, when spring comes around, the temps warm up and the ice begins to melt. The day comes when the ice houses have to be off of the lakes, and the lake goes from looking like a small colony of mini houses, to a barren desert of ice. As the temps continue to get warmer, the ice gets thinner until one day, the entire lake opens up and it is water once again. Just like that - almost like magic. It happens right before your eyes, if you watch long enough.

The weather has been warming up. The sun has shown and the snow has almost completely melted. [Knocking on wood right now. Otherwise we'll have a blizzard come our way next week.] The ice on the lakes has started to melt; the houses are all off of the lakes. The lakes look ominous, like if you walked out on them, you'd fall in. Maybe you would. These are all signs of spring.

One day soon, the ice will all be gone, and the water will ripple in the spring breeze. Houses on the lakes will put in their docks and boats will come out of storage. Then, the crappie fishing will start, and I'll find myself out on the lakes in the evenings. My camera will come along too.

I can't wait.

Spring is finally here.

♥ Laura


  1. First off, this is totally making me miss spring in MN! I love it when all the ice is melting and you can really feel that spring might be here soon!
    Second, I'm wondering on your header, how did you get the background (behind what I'm assuming is a template) an behind the lettering to be black? I tried changing the color behind my photo and words but couldn't figure it out, and was so exhausted from the rest of it I gave up! thanks for the help!

  2. Laura I want a big copy of the bottom one...the tree.....yep we will talk about it soon! -Anna Peterson


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