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Sunday, March 21, 2010


A few things:

1 - The last few days of Matt's spring break have been fantastic. Lovely weather, great shopping, fun times with family and friends... a great indication how summer will be, I believe.

2 - From the positive feedback to my previous post about Wine Glass Charms, I will work on a tutorial post, showing the supplies needed and now to create the little beauties.

3 - After a long, beautiful 3 year partnership, my trusty hot pink RAZR phone died a tragic death yesterday. I was in the middle of typing a text, and then the screen flickered and went black. Then, as I was trying to take the battery out and put it in again, I dropped the phone on the floor, squashing all hope of reviving it. I believe it was gone from the beginning, though. A new phone has been ordered; the simplest phone on the TMobile website. I'll be back in the wired world on Wednesday.

4 - Fern Michaels' Sisterhood books are addicting. I have one left to read, I believe. Myra's revenge story. I need to find out what one hers is and request it at the library.

5 - I love Sundays.

Now for some springy images of my beautiful sister-in-law Ashley.

Enjoy the ride,


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