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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rewinding Life

I keep bookmarking blogs that inspire me, that speak to me and will [hopefully] help me grow and mature as a photographer. It's almost addicting to surf the internet, looking at what other photographers see through the viewfinder of their cameras and how they show it to the rest of the world.

One of my newest favorites is a blog by photographer Rachel Devine. Her blog "Sesame Ellis" can be found HERE.

The newest post included something that really touched me, deep in my heart.

She wrote about her daughter, who I believe is 5 or so. Her daughter left a party and told her mom that she wished she could rewind the day because it was so wonderful and so much fun.

In reply, Rachel wrote: "i wished right back that her life would be full of days that were so wonderful she was left wanting a rewind button."

[Read the original post here.]

That is a measure of a great day. One you wish you could rewind and live all over again.

If we had days like that, we'd truly be living and enjoying our lives to the fullest.

My mom would say that it's not about things happening perfectly for you, or having things go just right. It's about how you view your life and how you view the situations you are in. My mom has one of the most positive attitudes ever.

What a goal: to view life, to live life, to think of life in a way that we would want to rewind our days because they are so great. If we could do this just a little bit, I think we'd all find ourselves feeling so fulfilled.

Enjoy the ride,


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