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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life With Little Girls

On Sunday night, Matt and I closed the computers, put away the textbooks and turned off the ipods. We met up with several of our high school friends for a Mexican dinner and some chit-chatting for the girls, and video games for the boys.

My friend Ashlee was the first of our group of friends to have babies. She had her first daughter Ava in 2007, and then Addie followed 11 months to the day after. I know, Irish Twins!! Ash is Super Mom.

Then, last year, my friend Jill joined the Mama Club when she welcomed Maddie into the world.

Three babies, all girls!

Ava is now almost 3 and Addie will be 2 next month. Maddie is the little one of the bunch, and is affectionately referred to as Baby Maddie by the two big girls.

Since I don't have any kids of my own yet, I wrap myself up in these little ones and often find myself in stitches mostly because of the hilarious things Ava says. I pulled out my camera and immediately, she walked in front of me, about 1.5 feet from the lens and smiled hugely [see first photo.]

Addie isn't too camera shy either, but she was more content to just look at me and not really come over to investigate. The girls are totally girly to the core, completely in love with playing dress up.

Their favorite thing though, is playing with Baby Maddie.

Baby Maddie sometimes doesn't know how to handle all of the love Ava and Addie shower her with, but in time, she will come to love it. It won't be long before all three of them will be running around, chasing each other, all playing dress up together.

Somehow, I have a feeling my first child is probably going to be a boy...

Enjoy the ride,



  1. Rightly so Laura, but then you can giggle when he gets old enough to chase all the "older" women in his life.


  2. Totally true, Alysia! It was the same with my mom's friends; she had me and a few of her friends had boys. They always joked about us getting married. I can see that happening with the next generation someday too haha!


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