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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Achieving Dreams

I have always loved to write.

I have a 3-ring binder full of short stories I wrote, most of them from my 2nd and 3rd grade years. I was particularly motivated then, I guess.

I wrote mostly about fishing and duck hunting. Trips to Grandma and Grandpa's house too.

As I grew older, I wrote about friends and boys.

I decided almost two years ago that I wanted to write a book. So I did.

It's a fiction novel, based on true events. It's called The Pact of Silence.

I've subtly tried to get it published; sending a query letter to several Christian editors or publishers over the past year. No luck so far.

I haven't given up yet though.

I self-published it this year for Christmas; giving the second copy [there are only 2 copies] to my Grandma, since she's the truth that I based the story on.

I don't count self-publication to be the same as being really published though. Someday...

I accomplished my dream of publication last week, just in a slightly different form.

The lovely people at Digital Photography School published an article on photography that I submitted.

There was a typo in the title that happened somewhere in the process from receiving my email to them publishing it online, so I waited until it was fixed to announce it. My pride, I guess. But, now it's fixed. There are no more typos. I can freely show it to the world [if you haven't already read it on DPS]...

My first published work!

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Now to baby step my way toward publishing my novel...

Anyone know anything about book publication?


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