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Friday, February 19, 2010

Slowly Turning on the PC-World for Mac-Land

Computers are so frustrating to me.

I feel like I know enough about computers to adequately function, but I am by no means a computer genius.

I've been a PC user my whole life; mostly from lack of exposure to anything else. I've had very minimal Mac usage, except for a few times playing with friend's computers, and then back in 2nd grade when I played tons of Number Munchers on the old Apples. [That was a fun game.]

Anyway, I've always kind of rolled my eyes when the Mac lovers would come and rave to me about how great Macs are, how easy they are to use, how 'once you go mac, you never go back.' I'd say, 'yeah, yeah... sure.'

I haven't ever gotten close to being proficient with using a mac, but I don't doubt that I'd be able to figure it out. They're just so different from PC's, it's like flipping everything upside down.

Anyway - I am on my second PC laptop; I got a DELL in 2004 and had that until 2008. I passed that onto my parents when hubby bought me a new HP the summer after I graduated college. It's worked top notch, until now.

I have Norton virus scan, and that's worked fine, until now. Not knocking Norton at all, I like their virus scan the best, I think. But yesterday, a virus slipped through the cracks.

Now - I'm facing most likely an entire restore. The internet works fine, but the .exe programs won't open, and the virus might still be embedded in there someplace, still. My step father-in-law is an IT specialist, so the computer is going to him tomorrow morning, hopefully for some surgery and a cure.

So. Today, I admit to myself and to the world:

I WISH I could trade in my PC and join the Mac crowd. If I had surplus money laying around, burning a hole in my pocket, I would so jump ship to the other side. It'd take me awhile to learn the ropes, but I would and could do it. From what I hear, daily, they're best for the line of work I'm in. A huge majority of photographers use Macs.

BUT. But.

Because money usually doesn't grow on trees, and I'm focusing on developing my business and my professional photography equipment right now. Therefore, money needs to be prioritized. Jumping ship on the PC isn't at the top of the priority list.


My plan wasn't to bash PC's too much, because I have enjoyed using this computer, for the most part. Until yesterday. But, I guess my creative endeavor in photography is dictating where my technological preferences will fall.

Because I'm not sure how long it'll be before the computer is fixed and I can plug my hard drive back in without fearing corruption [I'm NOT corrupting my external hard drive. I will not and cannot.], I thought I'd post a couple of the results of my playing yesterday. I was experimenting and learning more about the photographic editing tools I have at my disposal.

This photo is from a dilapidated building on Oahu. It captivated me every time we drove by. I finally made Matt pull over and I tip toed as close as the Keep Out signs would allow.

This photo is of my lovely friend Maggie who come to visit Matt and I on Oahu in May. She was our very first visitor! What a great week, and Maggie was SO patient with me as I constantly clicked the camera in her face.

Love you, Mags! :) [Isn't she beautiful??]

I hope that you are having a good technology day today. Hardly anything can get me as quickly riled as technology, malfunctioning in a way that I have NO clue how to fix.

Maybe I'm supposed to work on my patience this week??

I'm really trying.

*Are you a Mac or a PC user?


  1. Hi Laura, I'm new to your blog. Can't remember what link led me to you but thought I would check it out. We vacationed in Oahu in 2004. It is absolutely beautiful. We went to the top of Diamond Head (what a hike!)and got to see a view that was breathtaking!

    The reason I am commenting is I am a lifelong PC user and am seriously thinking of plunging into a Mac. Why? The virus issues is a biggie, also my son says I will not regret it. I'm curious to see what other commenters say. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to browse some more! Mott

  2. Hi there, Mott! Thanks for stopping by my blog; hope you found something interesting to read. Yes, Oahu is STUNNING! I love being back home in Minnesota, but I miss Oahu daily. That's where I jump started in my photography; I owe it to the beauty of the island!

    I have been kind of resistant to the Mac fad [or what I thought was a fad] but because of the things I do on the computer [i.e. editing, mostly!], I just keep hearing how Mac is best for that. I know it's not really in the immediate plan, but I think next time we're in the market for a computer, it will be a Mac! I'm kind of interested to see if I too am one of the 'once you go mac, you never go back' advocates too! :)

    Hope to see you back here again!

  3. Laura,
    I have a Mac Pro and would never go back. I love it. I read about the funding and I know that Mac's have ways for their customers to get them with payment plans or bonus buys which is what i got, meaning i got photoshop and other programs for free when i got mine. Or they have promos where you get free ipod touches, which is always nice. Another option which is always useful is to get a refurbished mac, they can be as low as $300 on an older computer. Emmy has a mac too, loves it :)
    Anyway, love the pictures you took of Maddie!

  4. Hi, I came across your blog via Pioneer Women (don't you just love that camera bag!).

    This post is my reality at the moment - we are about to become a Mac house. Like you I've always been a PC user but with my interest in photography and the graphics card in my desktop dying I mentioned to my husband that I would love a Mac - long story short I'm waiting for our Apple store to advise us that our new iMac is ready for pick up.

    I'm excited about the new possibilites.


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