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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Best Days of Winter

There are a couple of stunningly beautiful types of days in a Minnesota winter. Well, probably everywhere that you'd get snow, but my frame of reference is limited to Minnesota, mostly.

One, is when you get a bunch of snow and everything is a winter wonderland. The trees are covered; the snow just hangs on each branch, brown leaf, tree stump in the woods... It looks simple, beautiful, elegant, perfect. Everything is blanketed in the fluffy white powder.

Today isn't that kind of day. Today is the other kind of special winter day.

Today is when there's a blue sky and brilliant sunshine, and it makes the snow reflect so bright, you can hardly look out the window. It's the kind of day when the sun streams through the window and even though you know the temperature outside doesn't top 25, inside, the sun feels like it's 75 degrees. Or more. It's one of those days that reminds you that even though things are frozen, brown and sluggish right now, spring is coming. It is in the air. [Maybe not really in the air quite yet, but give it a couple weeks and it will be in the air.]

These two kinds of days make Winter dance with glory.

I really love it when Winter dances with glory. It helps to remind me that the bitterly cold days have their lovely counterparts; that winter is beautiful in it's own way.

This photo isn't from today - it's from a morning last weekend, when we were blanketed in hoarfrost. But the afternoon of that day was much like today: brilliant sunshine and bright white snow. Oh, and blue skies too.

Enjoy ♥

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