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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Little Plant That Could

The last few days have been pretty crazy around here.

My ordeal with my computer last week resulted in a total restore, thanks to my computer-savvy step-father-in-law. I was flustered at first, but then the silver lining emerged. I had been feeling kind of overwhelmed by the mess of photos on my hard drive, and with my organizational method [or lack there of] in Lightroom. I didn't really know what to do to fix it all though.

Well? Now, I have a fresh, clean slate to work with. I've started to minimally add things back onto my computer; all while keeping the bulk of it on my external hard drive. Thank goodness for those things!

Anyway, I haven't had much time/motivation to get outside and take any photos. I don't really know why, but I do know that I'm ready to fix that. I'm ready to jump back in, fresh computer and all!

I did manage to take a few photos today, just not outside.

After Christmas, they were giving poinsettia plants away at church. They said they'd just throw them away so they encouraged people to take one or two. I took a pretty white/pink plant home. I'd rescued an iron plant stand from Hawaii without knowing what I'd do with it, and this was the perfect solution!

It brightened up the apartment and I just loved it.

Then. My lack-of-a-green-thumb seemed to surface.

I don't know what the problem is, but I seem to have bad luck with plants. I even killed a bamboo plant once. I know... It was a few years old, but still.

Anyway, the leaves and petals from this beautiful plant started to wither and plop onto the carpet. Each day, there'd be more down there for me to pick up. I'd walk by and stir up a breeze. Plop, there'd go another one.

I had thought I was doing a really great job of keeping this plant alive, so I was disappointed to see it take a turn for the worst.

I asked my parents what I should be doing differently. They had taken two plants from church, and both seemed to be doing fine.

Mine, not so much.

Matt told me several times, You should maybe just throw it away...

I was secretly hoping and wishing that it would miraculously come out of it's withered state, but mostly, I just wanted to have a little green in our house for as long as possible.


I have good news!

After closely examining it yesterday, THERE ARE NEW BUDS!

There are tiny little green sprouts shooting out of what used to look like burnt ends of green sticks!

I brought the plant by the window and am letting the winter sun stream in. I really want this little plant to flourish once again!

It adds something to the room when it's there. I love it!

We have a fake plant to that I bought at Wal Mart in Hawaii. [No picture needed. It's not very impressive. Trust me.] Doesn't seem to dress the place up quite like the real deal does. I was going for low maintenance in Hawaii, though. It really is Low. Maintenance. It's also covered in dust. Oops.

Does anyone know how much water poinsettias are supposed to get?

I know, I should probably Google it.

Thanks for participating in my horticultural celebration!

♥ Laura

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  1. The only plant I own is my bamboo. It seems to take pretty much anything. Lovely photos of the new shoots though : ) Thank you for your lovely comment yesterday. So unexpected. I am going to watch the video you recommended now.


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