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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Calling All Prayer Warriors

I know that some of you tuned in a few weeks ago when I posted a prayer request for Natalie Norton, who's baby son Gavin was sick with a combo of RSV and Pertussis. After a long and hard fight, baby Gavin went to join his uncle [the first Gavin] in Heaven. It broke my heart to read about the aftermath of Gavin's death, but his mom is an absolutely fabulous woman of God, with one of the strongest faiths I've ever seen. I continue to tune into her blog mainly to marvel at the strength of her faith, despite having just lost her baby son.

Natalie's blog directed people to another story today. A similar story to hers: a mom and a dad, with 4 young sons. The youngest of whom is in very critical care at the same hospital where Natalie's son was cared for and then passed away at. This little boy, Bronson, was part of a tragic drowning accident at his house and his mom Sara has been blogging about it in order to reach all of the concerned friends, family, and well-meaning strangers who want to know what to pray for and to stay updated.

Read about the story here.

Send out your prayers for Bronson as he fights for survival. Pray for his parents and his brothers that they don't feel guilt over anything, and that they know that God is faithful. Pray for Bronson's body to recover and his mind to heal. Another family shouldn't have to lose their baby.

God is good. All the time. In His own way.

The hard part is knowing and accepting that sometimes, His way isn't the same as our way.

But right now, we just pray for a miracle for Sara, for Matt, for Bronson and for his brothers. We pray that God wraps His arms around that family as they pray, plead, and fight for their son/brother.

It would be so lovely to read about a baby recovering and going home healthy, this time.

With God, anything is possible.

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  1. God IS good all the time; all the time God IS good!


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