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Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to the Radniecki Palace

Well, it has been a busy few days here on the home front of the Rad household. I was patiently awaiting a shipment of prints for my new found favorite printer so that I could fill up the frames we got from our wedding and furnish the walls of our apartment. It was only once that was complete that I felt it was done enough to show you the results. There are some of you who have been wanting to see photos. So! With no further ado, here are some photos of Matt and my new place.

This is my ... drum roll please ... CRAFT ROOM! Well, it's just half of a room, but it is everything I hoped it'd be. And I haven't even really used it yet. My first craft project is in progress as I type this. [Glue is drying...]

Thanks to the generosity of my parents for loaning me that light colored shelf to the left of my table, and to the thriftiness of myself, I managed to get enough shelves to house most of my supplies. Our neighbors in Hawaii moved out and left this real shabby looking shelf on the side of the road. I immediately wanted it, and forced Matt to come over to get it with me. Upon seeing it up close, I realized what a hunk of junk it was, [probably very quickly made to house paints or something in the garage]. But because I am a Hensel and I am a pack rat, I couldn't leave it be. I knew I'd find use for it somehow. So, I took it.
Fast forward 3 months, a piece of plywood as a backboard and a few layers of paint - and it is the PERFECT shelving unit, mounted up on the wall! I'm thrilled! [See the first photo for the full view of this beauty of a mounted shelf.]

Now, notice that the paint for my craft room side is green. Green = Craft Room. Now here's the Office. Opposite side of the same room, different paint color = different 'room'. Blue = Office. When your space is limited and you can't have a craft room AND an office, you do what you gotta do! I really like how the paint differentiates what the purpose of the room is. Some people [MOM haha] were skeptical about my choice of division line, but... it turned out pretty great after all!

Here is a quick view of our bedroom. There's the big accent wall that we painted the sage green, and you can't see it here, but our closet is kind of a bump out to the left of that wooden shadow box holding my wedding flowers [thanks Dad!], so we painted the bumped out part of the closet too. Oh, and the soothing paint, plus realizing we got the BEST mattress pad E.V.E.R. for our wedding has made for some of the most restful nights I have had, in years.

The bathroom didn't receive any paint; the walls are too small and there's too many things to tape/paint around. So instead, I blew up some of my favorite photos from Hawaii and hung them up. I'm quite fond of the bathroom now because it's not possible to go in there and not be flashed back to Oahu. We even hung up our HI license plate that adorned the Escape before we brought it back to the tundra with us. Sorry there's not pictures of the license plate. I forgot.

The view from the front door, coming in from the hallway of the apartment complex.

This is as if you were standing in the kitchen and looking toward the front door. Last weekend in church, they told everyone to take a pointsettia if they wanted to. Otherwise, they'd be thrown out. See the plant stand housing the pointsettia? I nabbed that off the street in Hawaii too, after someone had discarded it out on the curb. At the time, I thought Laura, you have a problem. You can't let anything free go untaken. I regretfully brought the plant stand into our garage and promised Matt I'd find something to do with it.
Well! There you have it! It serves a purpose! And if I ever don't want it anymore, or if my plant dies, then I'll give it to my mom. She was quite jealous when she see it!

Kitchen - self-explanatory. I wish we had a pantry; that is the number one thing I miss from our Hawaii kitchen. Oh, and the dishwasher actually cleaned the dishes. But other than that, I like this kitchen well enough. I like the space above the cabinets. Good for housing all of my stuff.

I had to post a picture of this; my lovely sign I picked up [not from the curb - I paid for this. Full price actually!] in Havana, FL. I just loved it SO much. After debating for about 30 solid minutes, Matt got tired of waiting for me to decide and told me to just get it. He's generous like that. :) It forever will remind me of our days in Hawaii. And Florida too.

I really like having some of my own photography up in our house. It reminds me what the heck I'm doing with my career path. If I'm doubting it or wondering where the heck I turned to go down this path, I look at those prints and I remember, "Oh yeah... that's why. I love it."

So there you have it! The house of the Radniecki's, for now. Who knows where we'll be after this, or when we'll leave. I get a headache if I try to think about that right now. For now, we'll just enjoy having a place and being able to invite people over to our place. Yesterday, we had my sister and her fiancee over for dinner and [shocker to those of you who didn't think I could cook right??] I did good! My guests were pleased and we ate well. Then we played games and laughed until we cried. It was a good time.
Thanks for going on the virtual tour of our apartment with me! Hope you enjoyed your ride. Follow the lighted exit signs to find your way out...
Just kidding. I need more pop, I think.
Or not.
♥ Laura


  1. Looks like a pretty tight pad and some nice pictures, you two seem to be having fun and doing well. Hope all of that continues. When either of you are in the Brainerd area hit me up. Havent seen you guys in ages!

    nate lucas

  2. I absolute l o v e every room it and it's sooo you. ♥


  3. what a cute little house! I love how you decorated!


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