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Sunday, January 24, 2010

From Disaster to Delight

Well, in the days since my post which recounted the extreme struggle I had with a skein of yarn, I have mastered [some of] the art of crocheting. I am by no means a pro yet. Not even close.

BUT. I managed to make a hat and some headbands since my last disaster post.

These headbands actually came after my hat, but I just love these. I have one of those head shapes where if I wear the athletic cloth headbands, they slip right off the back of my head. I'm constantly tugging them down lower onto my forehead when I wear them. These?? I wore one the entire day yesterday and only have to readjust once, and that was after laying down watching a movie.

I have been using left over yarn that I've had in my possession for year. Like over a decade even. This multi colored one is one of those skeins that each foot or something is a different color and they all fade into one another. Pretty neat. I think it's kind of rasta or something.

The colors aren't actually this bright in person. My point and shoot's flash is a little on the powerful side.

This is the first crochet project that I actually completed. I didn't really know what I was doing throughout the entirety of it, but hey - it [pretty much] fits on my head! It's a little too loose around the edge, so if I made another one, I'd tighten it up a bit. It's a pretty versatile hat - it can look like a bowl in my head if I don't smoosh the sides in a little [dorky, I know.] and it can be worn low on my forehead like it is in the pic or even back like one of those slouchy hats that are popular today. My dad tried it on and he wore it like a newsboys hat, with a makeshift brim. Aside from the colors not really being up his ally, it looked good on him too!
It's a start, anyway!

After making two three adult headbands, I decided that I wanted to make some kid sized ones. These will eventually be used a props in child photo shoots; or that's the plan, anyway!

I've got all kinds of ideas and plans for decals on these. Here's to hoping that a large portion of the children and babies that I photograph are girls. :) Unfortunately, these don't suit boys too well.

I've got my creative work cut out for me, know that I've dove into this new world of projects! I want to make all kinds of clips to attach to the headbands - flowers, gems, ribbons, etc etc etc. That way, one headband can look like 10 different ones, with each different clip!
I'm always open to new crochet patterns too. I'm still a wayyyyy beginner, so if you're a pro, show me some mercy. My single crochet stitch is perfected, as is my chain stitch. :) I've got work to do on my double crochet stitch and anything beyond that will have to be slowly learned and perfected as I go along.
But really, if you are a crochet-er and know of great sites for ideas, or if you have patterns yourself, let me know. I bookmarked a few sites that have great ideas. I plan to visit them sometime soon.
Off to finish a baby-sized pink headband from a scrap of yarn my grandma gave me when I was [seriously] about 9 years old. I'm excited to be finally using it! I wish I knew was a typical baby's head circumference was... See, that's a good thing about people with kids, they have built in models for their products. Me, I have to use my knee or puppy and clowny or something.
Puppy and clowny are boys though... [If you aren't familiar with puppy and clowny, that's a story for another time. :)]
Happy creative Sunday!

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