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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Turkey Time's A-Comin'!

Matt and I are back in Winter Haven, FL after a night at Universal Studios with my aunt and uncle. I have photos [of course I do!] but with very limited time available to spend with my relatives, they are patiently waiting to be downloaded and edited. When they get to come out of the camera, they will be proudly displayed for all to see, but until then... they wait for their glory. :) Thanks for being patient as we enjoy family.

Universal Studios was a fun time, and we got to spend the night in far more luxury than our typical road trip hotel/motel has allowed. We enjoyed some interesting food and saw a couple fun shows. Much to my dismay, we weren't able to see Blue Man Group because of my Hensel-stingyness... 65/person for the four of us was a little too much to swallow. Unfortuntately. They are a fantastic show.

Until the photos come up... enjoy your Thanksgiving preparations and think of everything you are thankful for. I think a big list of all that we are thankful for would make up appreciate the blessing in our lives a little more. I'll get to work on mine.

Love & Faith.


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